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Industrial Switchgears

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  • Havells Industrial Switchgears
Circuit Breaker Dealer Siliguri

Circuit Breaker

Essential circuitry to protect you from overload & short circuit. Havells range of circuit breakers are available in...
Energy Saver Suppliers Siliguri

Energy Saver

Power instability with changing modern lifestyle creates a need for alternative power sources. Most residential and...
Human Safety Dealer Siliguri

Human Safety

Whatever the situation, nothing is more important than human safety. Safeguard yourself with the Havells safety devices.
Distribution Boards Suppliers Siliguri

Distribution Boards

Distribution Boards from Havells distribute current effectively while providing a protective device for each circuit.
Surge Protection Device Dealer Siliguri

Surge Protection Device

Surge Protection from Havells effectively while providing a protective device for each circuit.
Control and Monitoring Device Suppliers Siliguri

Control & Monitoring

These devices offer current limiting function, thereby ensuring proper rationalization...
Conventional Dealer Siliguri


Check out a range of conventional industrial protection products like fuse switch unit, load changeover switch etc.
Circuit Breakers Suppliers Siliguri

Circuit Breakers

Enhance the safety of your workforce and equipment with the varied range of circuit breakers from Havells.
Switches Dealer Siliguri


Explore the range of Havells switches used for multiple applications..
industrial plug socket Suppliers Siliguri


Havells’s range of industrial plugs and sockets are available for all kind of applications where safety.
Air Circuit Breakers Dealer Siliguri

Air Circuit Breakers

Over the years, L&T has earned a place amongst the leading low voltage switchgear manufacturers of the world.
C line Changeover Switch Suppliers Siliguri

C-line Changeover Switch

C-line offers you a unique series of changeover Switches combining compactness with high performance & Customer convenience
Contactors Dealer Siliguri


The comprehensive range of contactors from L&T Switchgear is your key to meet every demand and suit every requirement..
Final Distribution Products Suppliers Siliguri

Final Distribution Products (MCB, RCCB, RCBO, DBS)

As the name suggests, Final Distribution Products, find their applications at the last stage of electricity distribution.
HRC Fuse Link Dealer Siliguri

HRC Fuse Link

Company offers a wide range of advanced solutions in the field of Engineering, Construction, Electrical & Automation...
Motor Protection Circuit Breakers Suppliers Siliguri

Motor Protection Circuit Breakers

L&T’s Supernova series motor protection circuit breaker (MPCB) integrates functions of a MCCB...
Moulded Case Circuit Breakers Dealer Siliguri

Moulded Case Circuit Breakers

In every industry,big or small,electrical power supply is The dsine range, a new generation of MCCBs, is a critical.
Panel Accessories Suppliers Siliguri

Panel Accessories

L&T offers a complete solution for your control panel accessory requirements. Timers and supply
Power Quality Solutions Dealer Siliguri

Power Quality Solutions

Now, save more with L&T’s solutions for reactive power management and harmonic filtering.
Starters Submersible Controllers Suppliers Siliguri

Starters & Submersible Controllers

L&T offers a range of Agricultural Electrical Products, as LTLK - the brand that has served farmers for over 60 years.
Submersible Flat Cables Dealer Siliguri

Submersible Flat Cables

L&T Agriculture Submersible Flat Cables are made of bright, plain multi-strand annealed copper conductor,
Switch Disconnector Suppliers Siliguri

Switch Disconnector

S-D-F range covers ratings from 32A to 2000A. S-D range is available in both open execution & Sheet steel enclosure versions.
Switch Disconnector Fuse Dealer Siliguri


Ratings: 32 A to 1000 A, Version: TPN, Full AC-23 A utilization category, Separate arcing and current carrying zones...
Thermal Overload Relays Suppliers Siliguri

Thermal Overload Relays

Thermal overload relays are protection devices required in various motor starter combinations.
ACBS Dealer Siliguri


DMX3 ACBs optimize the performance of electrical installations.
MCCBS Suppliers Siliguri


The universal solution for residential and commercial electrical layouts.
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